Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hooray! A new underground brand to love: T.E.I.N. (The End Is Near) clothing from Rome, Italy. 

Founded in 2013, T.E.I.N. aims to be sarcastic and irreverent both in its name and style. It deals with the evolution, reflected not only in what we are - but also in what we wear.

The vision of T.E.I.N. is to combine the best of both worlds (East & West) into one affordable and straightforward clothing brand. Their first tees collection is completely oversized and all over digitally printed with loud 90's cyberwave and acid eyecandy.

The tees’ graphics are related to the merger of the abuse of Internet pop culture and to the overlapping of images, mixed with the search for spirituality and the Asian psychedelic colors.

The collection is the result of the personal and cultural background of director Martin Dee: from the NURAVE to the Swag, cyberwave, the New Yorker Clubkids movement of the early ‘90s, from the web culture to the symbolic aspects of pop culture, from the KFC and the junk food to the Asian world - every aspect of these subcultures is mixed into one T.E.I.N.

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For party animals with sunglasses only!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Call it awesome, creepy or both: Jewelry made out of disembodied pieces of Barbie dolls. Whether you love her or hate Barbie, there are few who feel neutral about the plastic princess.

Designer Margeaux Lange got fascinated with who she is as a pop culture icon, her distinguished celebrity status, and the enormous impact she has had on our society.
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