Sunday, August 18, 2013


Are you a (starting) fashion model, willing and suitable to work as a national as well as a international fashion model? In case the answer is yes, you need to prepare yourself for the international fashion scene.

But how? And where to start? 

The Bdifferent MODEL BAG is basically everything you need to get started in the fashion business. Designed by former topmodel Kim Vos and topmodel Michelle den Hollander, the MODEL BAG is a combination of practical knowledge and intensive supervision.

What's in the bag?
Knowledge. You will receive a stylish, rich bag full of wonderful products, tips and valuable items for your daily life as a model.

  • Catwalk training 
  • Food, skin care, lifestyle & health training 
  • Personal training 
  • Bdifferent model book 
  • Bdifferent coaching 
  • Tons of model products like beauty products, lingerie and killer heels.
Not only must-have products, but also must-have services. What else do you need to get started as a fashion model?


Curious? Visit Bdifferent for more information. Turn your beauty inside out!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Berlin Graphic Days is an two-day event being realized by Berlin Pieces and will take place at my favourite  place (next to Berghain) to be in Berlin: KaterHolzig


More then just a club
Kater Holzig is the inheritor of club legend Bar25 and is way more then just a regular club. I would describe it more as a fun park. Who ever enters the club walks into an charming artwork and immediately becomes part of it. Next to the opportunity to go creative clubbing every weekend Kater Holzig organize events like Katermarkt (vintage & design market), concerts, Katerkultur (theater), Katerkino (movie nights) and now it's the scene of Berlin Graphic Days.

Berlin Graphic Days#2

Berlin Graphic Days
So back to Berlin Graphic Days. The Berlin Days is a graphic exhibition and festival where national and international graphic designers, illustrators, silk screen printers and artists are invited who have excelled in various graphical areas to show and sell their works.

Next to viewing graphic work and purchasing it, the small festival also provides live painting, live silk screen printing, customizing activities, live bands and DJs.

23 - 24rd of August 2013
Friday & Saturday 14-21 o'clock

Michaelkirchstrasse 23
10179 Berlin, Germany

EXTRA TIP: Every two weeks there is Katermarkt (vintage & design) at the old BAR25 area. 

Next edition: 
August 17th 2013
Saturday 10 - 18 o'clock

Holzmarktstrasse 25, 10243 Berlin, Germany 

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Remember my issues like Pray For Paris and SUGAR PILLS where I spread my deep love for all over printed clothing? Good news for the (fashion) designers under us! 

You can print your own designs on high quality t-shirts yourself at Jakprints! You can order just one shirt, or many shirts - whatever you want. Jakprints even provides templates so you can design all along. 

Monday, August 5, 2013


Dutch Summer is a brand and wholesale of outdoor furniture who knocked on my door to do the styling and production for their new international campaign and in-store promotion for the product BUX, an inimitable Chesterfield pouf inspired by the box tree. 

The concept
Together with photographer Harry van der Brugghen we developed a concept of a dressing room inspired by Las Vegas showgirls mixed with burlesque. We totally sugarcoated that concept with old and new glamour. Loads of feathers, glitter, ruffles, beads, shiny fabric and diamonds. Everything had to be completely over the top.

The trick
The big trick was that we used just one female model, Katy Cee, and digitally copied her seven times through the image. Katy Cee had to pose as she was interacting with her colleagues and her bouncer. Every time I added little changes to the set to get a full dressing room. For example the blue mermaid maxi skirt I used twice, just like the big ruffled pink dresses.

The outfits and the set
I made most of the outfits by hand, but some of them I borrowed from other showgirls for example the big headpieces. Most things you see in the set just came straight from my own bedroom. Luckily I am the owner of many glitter and glamour vintage. 

You can see the end result of the print work on my website ROOM031.
Want your own BUX? Order here. You can use the BUX indoor as well as outdoor.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


FKA Twigs is one of the newest projects from the London based record label Young Turks. My love for the video “Water Me”, off forthcoming EP2, is eternal. 

It's the simplicity of the music video what makes it so beautiful. The song is like a bullet through my heart. “Water Me” has only hit the web a couple of days ago and is already going viral! 

Watch the video below:

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Music lovers unite! Do you love listening to music and just can’t get enough? 
With Neverending Playlist you can listen to your favourite artist online, for free! No matter the artists, no matter the song, Neverending Playlist has it all.

Endless library of music
The website streams videos and songs courtesy of YouTube, which allows a broad and almost endless library of music and even presents the video of the specific song you’re listening to. 

Perfect for multi tasking!
The website is great for anyone at work or someone trying to multi task but still listen to their favourite music without having to pick a song every 3 minutes. Neverending Playlist takes the hassle out of picking out the next song and lets you focus your time on better things.

I’m using this great free service and once you try it yourself, I’m sure you will too! Give it a go!

Don’t stop the music… ever!