Friday, July 26, 2013


THE SHIT SHOP is a concept store in Berlin owned by Bonnie Strange, Lena Nußbaum and Laura Cherrygrove and basically equals the crazy fierce awesomeness we have always longed for. These girls know how to mix the best and the shittiest out of all my favourite era's together!

Laura Cherrygrove and Bonnie Strange backstage during THE SHIT SHOW at Berlin Fashion Week

Candy girls meet Backstreetboys
From the very first moment you step through the door you get hit by the sound of trashy 90's music while pretty girls in 60's sunnies are bustling around to help you pick fabulous customized vintage, new hot young designer labels and even Bonnie's own line "THE SHIT". 

Champagne and Jeffrey Campbell shoes! Heart.

THE SHIT SHOP is the place where the wild roses grow.

There's more!
But THE SHIT SHOP is more than just another regular store. 
If you finally made your way through the glamorous 80's wonderland, you can grab a tattoo made by Laura in her little tattoo parlor in the second room of THE SHIT SHOP. How cool is that? 

Cherrygroovin' on her pink tattooliege. Yeah baby!

Are you in Berlin this Saturday and looking for awesomeness? THE SHIT SHOP presents SHIT MARKET: 

Meet & Greet 
If you're finished shopping and tattooing, you can relax in one of the comfy couches to enjoy a glass of champagne and have a meet and greet with Bonnie, Lena & Laura for some more fashion advice! What else do you want?


Rückerstr. 10, 10119 Berlin
OPEN Mo-Sa 12 - 20 

Not in Berlin? You can also buy THE SHIT ONLINE.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Finally my new personal website is ready to be launched! You can go through my book (model portfolio), tearsheets (print work), watch my videos, read about my live art performances and take a sneak peek behind the scenes.

What do you think about it? Let me know your thoughts!

Sunday, July 21, 2013


One of the most exciting things Amsterdam International Fashion Week had to offer this time was Nieuw Jurk, the Amsterdam-based label of Esther Meijer.

Going Ape in Nieuw Jurk
Meijer graduated in 2004 from the fashion academy in Arnhem with the collection ‘Going Ape in Nieuw Jurk’, where Nieuw Jurk was a fictional city and the models the Nieuw Jurk-gang. (Nieuw Jurk - New York, get it?) Her designs are now available in stores in Europe, Asia and Australia.

A Nieuw Jurk-concept is reflected in a collection, it’s print design and presentation. Since 2009 Nieuw Jurk is wellknown because of the conceptual and unique way of showing collections, where fashion is presented in a innovative and multidisciplinary way. Youth culture and it’s subcultures like hiphop, rave, gothic and grunge are a big inspiration for Meijer.

For her new collection ‘$€XXX’, presented by Dutch porn actress Bobbi Eden at AIFW, Meijer was inspired by the influence of porn on society: the rise of the (internet) porn industry has had an indelible impact on society and our sexual morality. 

Esther Meijer and ex-pornstar Sofia Valentine during the finale of ‘$€XXX’, AIFW 2013

Pornofication of society
With her show Meijer wants "pornofication and sexualization of society" to be criticized. According to Meijer, who did an internship at Bas Kosters, porn and fashion are not far apart because they both play with the imagination and in both cases there is a stage play.

The collection is a playful and humorous translation of the theme porn. Sex and the imagery that goes with it, is the literal or figurative inspiration for shapes, colors, fabrics and prints.
Let's have a little bit of fun
Meijers new collection is also featured in Dutch magazine sex Foxy. She's not afraid that her choice of pornography will hinder her at a later stage. Meijer at "Nothing I've done has ever caught up to me. I'll keep doing what I'm doing. This comes from within and will also fit in 10 years in the picture. I'm making a statement, I'm making a name and I am three thousand percent behind. I just see it all much brighter. Let's have a little bit of fun!"

Nieuw Jurk is over-the-top but multi-wearable and gives a new perspective on shapes, sizes, body image and social issues. I'm a big fan!

Watch the finale of the show '$€XXX' below:

Happy Nieuw Jurk!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


It's time to announce the winner of the first MY LAST ISSUE giveaway

The winner gets an amazing beauty package of MANHATTAN, which contains:

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Let's not wait any longer! *drums* 

Congratulations Kara! Please send MY LAST ISSUE your contact details so I can send you the MANHATTAN beauty package.

And for the people who didn't won today: Don't worry - there will be more giveaways soon! Stay tuned at!


The booming fashion business is amazing and we all love to work in it. But what can we do to create a better world? What can we do to be a good and active citizen and role model, to care for the planet, nature, people and children?

Co-create a better world
Don't close your eyes for your inner beauty. We can co-create, step by step, a better world. I believe we can reach further than the sky if we unite, create mass awareness and raise funds for worthy causes. 

It’s time to give back to the people and the planet. 

The Beautiful Minds Inc.
The organisation The Beautiful Minds Inc. is established to build an unprecedented global social action network and movement of (top)model humanitarians/ social entrepreneurs. Their aim is that in future all (top)models from around the world are united as one and together make up The Beautiful Minds Inc. Social Action Network. 

[高清晰] People in Nature - Relaxing in Nature  1920*1200 NO.39 Wallpaper

Network meeting
Unfortunately I cannot attend at The Beautiful Minds Network meeting in Amsterdam at July 29th due obligations here in Berlin, but I’m very inspired to be involved with building a world-class humanitarian organisation.

My video testimonial (please forgive my horrible accent and English!) for The Beautiful Minds Inc:

Get involved!
Got inspired? Join The Beautiful Minds Inc. and get involved. Take a pledge, start a fundraiser, volunteer, work, grow and connect with Beautiful Minds. Because together we can make a co-create a better world!

Activate and share your inner beauty!


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Friday, July 19, 2013


Regarding my last issue about LONG CLOTHING, here's some goodies I'll not keep away from you!

Click on the image below to download the LONG clothing mixtapes for free:

Don't stop the music.. ever!


Long Clothing Home Page

LONG clothing was founded in 2008 by young designers Gareth Emmett and Rhys Dawney. As the brand name implies LONG focuses on oversized, unisex tees with bold graphic prints.

Today LONG has over 100 stockists spread across 17 countries and is represented in London, New York and Tokyo and recently collaborated with renowned label BOY LONDON.

There's more!
The brand also gives way successful parties and club nights, for real fashion × music lovers only. A couple of weeks ago I attended to the LONG × BLACKBLACKGOLD PARTY BERLIN, with a lineup of some of the sickest and slickest dance music producers from across Europe. 

I can only say that my conclusion of that night was that LONG definitely grew into one of the most exciting and most wanting fashion brand in the German party scene.

So long!


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One of the mixed media artworks I've created for ROOM031.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Oh BOY oh BOY. From Warhol, to Madonna, Punks through to New Romantics, club kids to fashionistas, all have worn BOY LONDON. Adopted as the uniform of choice for every youth movement that has mattered, the brand has outlived them all. 

Leave BOY alone
Created in 1976 by Stephane Raynor, Boy London is an iconic British institution which is internationally recognized and often imitated. But even with many brands who imitate BOY, the brand remains the leader of the most influential style trends. 

You can't beat BOY.

Besides, they give the raddest parties too:

Adopted and beloved
Adopted by a whole new clubkid rave generation, the attitude of Boy, as well as its position at the cutting edge of youth culture, remains as strong as ever. Beloved by the underground, BOY is definitely the label that everyone wants.



Saturday, July 6, 2013



MY LAST ISSUE exists 2,5 month so it's time for the first #giveaway to thank all my lovely readers, fashion darlings and supporters from all over the world. 

Time to share my love for you!

What's there to win? 
An amazing beauty package of MANHATTAN, which contains:

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MANHATTAN Longlasting Beauty 9-1 BB cream beauty balm 
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What do you have to do for it?
It's very simple:

1.Like MY LAST ISSUE on Facebook.
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Winner will be announced at Saturday 20th of July, 2013 at 6 pm (GMT). 

Good luck! 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


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SDOD (Self-Determination Of Dissenter) is a new fashionbrand based in Taiwan who doubt mainstream. Their designs are inspired by the daily life of social movement participants like hardcore and punk subcultures.

Exclusively for MY LAST ISSUE I had a talk with the designers, Dt and Doriz.

We are one
Their first collection called REBEL in collaboration with XXX Handmade is inspired by the continuous fight of different cultures. As a starting point they chose the fight gear of the soldiers of the World War II. 

For example, the leather bag below is inspired by a gas mask: 
Most of the designs are unisex, because the philosophy of SDOD is that everyone should unite. No matter if you're poor or rich - we are all one. 

The power of resistance
While going through the collection, I noticed SDOD wove barbed wire through their whole collection. From small details to big prints - barbed wire is everywhere to state their vision.

Designer and creative director Dt Tseng explained: "We use barbed wire because it's a powerful symbol. It recalls the Great War, concentration camps, the Iron Curtain, Cuba and prisons like Guantanamo Bay. It stands for resistance but it is also a symbol of oppression, intolerance and genocide. "

Regeneration of a new generation
But SDOD uses more symbolism in their dark collection, like snake skin print on a clothing piece that can be worn on different ways. Tseng continues: "A snake sheds his skin regularly, when old skin is outgrown. This stands for regeneration of a new generation. This impairs the vision of SDOD of becoming more aggressive due feeling more vulnerable."

What SDOD attempts to state is as a mankind, the basic rights, a free will, and self determination practiced on every individual.


Are you in Berlin for fashionweek? Visit SDOD at THE EDGED to see the collection yourself!

3rd-5th of July 2013 @ EDGED Showroom
Location: Panatom Gallery, Torstrasse 100, 10119 Berlin-Mitte

RSVP here.

Monday, July 1, 2013


Why would you spend a lot of money on a camera when you can make one at home AND at the same time participate in a centuries old tradition of image making? That right: You're able to make your own pinhole camera, also known as camera obscura.

What's Pinhole?
Pinhole photography is like any other kind of photography. The difference is that instead of using a lens, a very small hole is used to project the image on the film or other light sensitive material. The pinhole camera is the concept that made modern-day photography possible. 

basic geometry of a pinhole camera

What kind of materials should I use? 
Pinhole cameras can look like any kind of camera, but because no lens is involved, they can be made out of oatmeal boxes, paper, scrap wood or other household items. Pinhole photography isn't limited to a certain kind of subject, although some are easier to shoot than others. 

Below this amazing tutorial on how to make your own pinhole camera:

Got inspired? 
There's more! Not only can you make your own pinhole camera, you can also transform your own bedroom into a big walk-in camera. How cool is that?