Saturday, June 29, 2013


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BLACK SANCTUARY is a Milan based brand founded in 2010, after 15 years of passion for musical subcultures. They mainly focus on early hardcore punk rage, going through all the goth aesthetics and 90’s us noise acid generation. All these elements they mix together in a magical collection.

Each clothing piece is handmade and unique, but I'm also a big fan of the jewelry of sterling silver. 

My favourite clothing pieces:

In their online shop they sell their clothing as well as the jewelry. Living in Germany, France, Taiwan, Spain, New Sealand or Japan? Click here for their stockists.

Friday, June 28, 2013


Dutch aspiring writers, pay attention! Always wanted to publish a book or e-book, but never had the opportunity before? 

You can now! introduces in cooperation with Singel Uitgevers and the self-publishing platform Brave New Books that enables you to publish your own book: quick, easy and it can be completely free of charge. 

Need help?
Do you need support in writing, shaping your book and marketing and sales? This is also possible with the help of experienced editors, marketers and designers. 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Saturday, June 22, 2013


FAM MIS is a young upcoming fashion designer living in Berlin, who is known for his lack of color in his collections. His new collection called 'COLOR ABUSE' was showed at the Archipelago event.

Time's ticking!
Exclusively for MY LAST ISSUE and ROOM031 I did the backstage photography during this event, which resulted into a documentary about the process backstage: The fittings, make-up and hair, the waiting models, a very focused designer and the tension that everyone felt before the big fashionshow starts..

                                          Watch the full serie here.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


For the designers under us: Shutterstock Labs developed two amazing search tools called Instant and Spectrum. Instant is a search tool that works with keywords and suggestions for other related keywords, while Spectrum is a tool that puts color first. 

Get inspired and find your perfect image!



Sunday, June 9, 2013


My new religion is called Kokon To Zai, who specializes in the extreme end of contemporary fashion. The designers on offer are often drawn to wilder graphic prints, over-the-top accessories and a real emphasis on experimentation.

Kokon To Zai
Originally Kokon To Zai was the umbrella of retail stores ‘Kokon To Zai’ in London and Paris, where world renowned DJ Sasko Bezovski combined his passion for music and fashion. The space began as a record store in 1996, but is later combined into a collaboration of the fashion label KTZ with Marjan Pejoski, who is known for the notorious Bj√∂rk swan dress.

Church printed symbols
I know the summer collection just came out - but I'm more in love with their winter collection from 2013, filled with Russian orthodox church symbols, galaxy, punk and ninja goth elements.

My favourite piece: The Church Printed Hoodie Jersey Jacket

Renowned cult hybrid
Kokon To Zai resulted into a renowned cult hybrid, a space dedicated to all creative artists all over the world. It’s every stylist’s dream and it's the first stop if you’re looking for unknown names making one-off pieces. 

Oh, and guess who's one of the designers for Kokon To Zai? My favourite principal from the University of Palilloism: Daniel Palillo. This can't be a coincidence.


57 Greek Street
86 Golborne Road

48 Rue Tiquetonne


One of the mixed media artworks I've created for ROOM031.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


The most original store I've visited in Athens would probably be REMEMBER, founded in 1978 by innovative fashiondesigner and artist Dimitris Tsouanatos. Clients like The Ramones, Blondie, The Sex Pistols, Iron Maiden and Bauhaus often came here to buy their outfits for concerts, video clips or films. 

Odd fashion
Every year Tsouanatos (with his signature sunglasses) presents an original fashion collection made by odd materials such as straw with Plexiglas, wired brushes, latex pipes, painted eel-grass, aluminium etc. He just launched his new collection of self painted t-shirts portraying iconic figures.

Free your mind
Influenced by the London style, Tsouanatos is one of those free spirits who gets his inspiration from his mind. He told me: "If you free your mind, inspiration just comes by itself. Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions, it is timeless and without boundaries. I just let go of what exists."

After Before Thoughts and Sperm
But there's much more to see in REMEMBER than just fashion. Tsouanatos has published three poetry books titled After Before Thoughts. The first book is a collection of his poetry and has various themes. In the second one, with 48 self made coloured collages, he tells a story that refers to the human future and relationships. The third one is an erotic poem referring entirely to a virgin couple who make love for the very first time. Besides poetry there is a permanent exhibition of his sculptures in the shop with names like: Tsounami, Sperm and The Miracle.

The People Are Not An Army
Tsouanatos sees life in phases and doesn't hold on to one style. He explains: "The people are not an army. We don't have just one style. We have all an unique look, based on different phases in our life. For example we love the punk style in a particular phase in life - and in another phase we're totally into the glamour style. The key is to find your own unique style, based on your own experiences in life.

My REMEMBER piece:

It's not a secret that I love cropped tops, but this one is way cool because it's made from swimsuit material. Perfect for partying! 


REMEMBER is not just a great fashionstore where you can find many treasures, it is like a small museum which takes you through different era's of fashion.

79 Adrianou Street (Plaka) 
Athens, Greece

Monday, June 3, 2013


Giant Vintage is an online store with the most outrageous vintage sunglasses I've ever seen. They have original sunglasses of every kind, style and era. I'm like a kid in a candy store! 

My favorites:

SHELDON goldSKYWAY grayKOOKS silver/jesus*BOMP! greenFUNKY BUNCH goldSOHO purple/blue